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DSR Trainings

with Tim Hallbom and Kris Hallbom


During this fast paced 2-day program you will learn a powerful new methodology that will allow you to change a limiting belief and other negative thought patterns in less than eight minutes!

Do you want a fast and easy way to free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and destructive thinking? This is your opportunity to learn a whole new approach for working with yourself and others– that will allow you to have more peace of mind throughout your life, while creating the reality of your dreams. This new way of working with people is called the Dynamic Spin™ approach.

Created by Tim and Kris Hallbom, Dynamic Spin™ is a revolutionary approach consisting of several techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in a matter of minutes.  Dynamic Spin™ was created using ideas delineated from the world famous psychiatrists, Carl Jung and Milton Erickson; and also includes elements of quantum mechanics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Hallboms have been developing this powerful new methodology for the last five years in their private coaching practices; and teaching it throughout Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. In 2009, they were the Keynote Speakers at the International NLP Conference in London where they first introduced Dynamic Spin™ to the worldwide NLP Community.

 What you will learn and how you will benefit from attending this special 2-day program…
  • Learn about the deeper structure of limiting beliefs, and how they are formed, and why they can be so difficult to identify and change.
  • Learn what a belief is, and the four ways for identifying and recognizing core limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to change limiting beliefs and other negative thought patterns in less than eight minutes, using the new Dynamic Spin™ approach.
  • Discover new information about how we create reality, and how your perceptions of reality are often influenced by your limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to identify and release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want in life. (Keep in mind that the stories you tell yourself are also beliefs, and they influence your ability to create reality.)
  • Learn how to identify and transform the negative self-talk that keeps you from being your best self. (Your negative self-talk is often laden with limiting beliefs and can sabotage your future goals and dreams. Once you let go of these unconscious critical voices, it will be easier to create the reality of your dreams.)


As an extra bonus, you will also…


  • Learn new hypnotic language patterns of influence to increase the effectiveness of the work you do with others.
  • Learn how to quickly identify which way your thoughts and emotions spin.


  • Understand the role that metaphors and symbols play in transforming your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • Learn how to identify the non-verbal and linguistical nature of spin in yourself and others.
  • Learn how to relieve the pain and discomfort of physical issues such as headaches, colds or chronic injuries in less than eight minutes. (In addition to learning new ways for working with limiting beliefs, you will also learn a powerful new process to speed the healing of your body!)
  • Learn how to maintain a positive outlook, even when you’re having a bad day, and much, much more!


Who Should Attend…


The training program is ideal for anyone who wants a fast and transformative way to get better results from life, such as:


  • Coaches – As a coach, you will find these processes useful in helping your clients to quickly remove the unconscious barriers that keep them from achieving their goals and being their best selves. As a result your clients will transform and heal more quickly, and have a higher success rate of achieving their goals and dreams.
  • Business Professionals – If you are a manager or sales person, you will find this approach helpful in relieving your daily frustrations, eliminating your inner critics, and staying resilient in tough situations. Managers can also help their employees stay focused, and keep them motivated in difficult times.
  • NLP Practitioners – You will immediately grasp the elegance of these methods and use them to enhance your own and others personal development.
  • Therapists and Counselors – Join other effective therapists who are reporting that Dynamic Spin™ is now their favorite methodology for helping their clients overcome limiting beliefs, and unwanted feelings. You can enhance virtually any therapeutic session with these tools and understandings.
  • Trainers – As a trainer you will find the Dynamic Spin™ skills helpful in maintaining your state, and helping participants release blocks to learning.
  • Parents  You will find these tools helpful in navigating the trials that come with being a parent. Children as young as four-years old have learned how to successfully use the basic processes from this program, and have tools for success forever instilled in them.
  • Teachers – If you are a teacher you can assist your students in assimilating information more easily, tackling social challenges and getting through childhood transitions more fluidly and easily.
  • Health Practitioners – You will discover useful methods for alleviating pain, reducing symptoms and empowering your clients on their healing journey.
  • Hypnotherapists –You will be able to effectively use Dynamic Spin™ processes for your deep change work. This approach lends itself to quickly facilitating change and transformation, reducing stress, and eliminating stress responses in your clients.

Learn More About Dynamic Spin Release™

For additional information, just click here to read an article that further explains how this revolutionary approach was discovered and how it works.


Note: While Dynamic Spin™ has produced remarkable results in many people, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Tim and Kris Hallbom are not licensed health professionals, and they use Dynamic Spin™ as personal performance coaches. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of Dynamic Spin™.

The NLP Institute of California is also not licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner, and The Dynamic Spin™ services offered by The NLP Institute of California are not licensed by the State of California.
“We reserve the right to deny entry into this program. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program.”