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What is Dynamic Spin Release™ and how does it work?

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What is Dynamic Spin Release™ and how does it work?

Created by Tim and Kris Hallbom, Dynamic Spin Release™ is a powerful set of processes that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain, in a matter of minutes. DSR™ was created using ideas delineated from the world famous psychiatrists, Carl Jung and Milton Erickson –and draws heavily from the psychology of metaphors, archetypes and creative visualization.

Just as the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon circles around the earth, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have a certain spin quality to them, as well. DSR™ powerfully blends the universal archetype of spin with the psychology of metaphors – and involves dozens of techniques that can be applied to almost any problem state or negative thought pattern.

The Hallboms have been developing this powerful methodology since 2008 in their private coaching practices; and teaching it throughout Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States every since. In 2009, they were the Keynote Speakers at the International NLP Conference in London where they first introduced DSR™ to the worldwide NLP Community.

Not only does DSR™ work well with problems, you can also use it to add more fun and joy into your life, and become more of who you want to be. These intuitive processes are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children!

To find out more about the Dynamic Spin Release™ approach and how it was created, click here to read a fascinating article that further explains this revolutionary approach and how it works.

In what areas of life can this approach be used, and what are the benefits?

Dynamic Spin Release™ works well to solve your problems and shift negative states, as well as to enhance the positive situations in your life. Below are some of the most common benefits reported by users and practitioners around the world.

Dynamic Spin Release™ can help you to…

..• Easily shift negative thought patterns, physical pain and limiting beliefs, in yourselfand others.

..• Maintain a positive outlook, even when you’re having a bad day.

..• Relieve the pain and discomfort of physical ailments such as headaches, colds or chronic injuries.

..• Transform the negative self-talk that keeps you from being your best.

..• Resolve internal conflicts about decisions and situations you face … so you enjoy greater peace of mind.

..• Release the unconscious stories that are keeping you from having what you want, and much more!

Can Dynamic Spin Release™ be done with children? Yes, it is easy to teach them, fun to use … and most of all, it leverages their natural creativity and imagination. By using Dynamic Spin™ with the children in your life, you’ll be able teach them a practical tool to control their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – and their results.

I would love to read more about Dynamic Spin Release™, where should I start?

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What are other people saying about the Dynamic Spin Release™ approach?

To read about other people’s transformational experiences with Dynamic Spin Release™, click here to find out what others are saying about this revolutionary approach.

Note: While Dynamic Spin Release™ has produced remarkable results in many people, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.  Further, Tim and Kris Hallbom are not licensed health professionals, and they use Dynamic Spin Release™ as personal performance coaches. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of Dynamic Spin Release™.